Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Changing Reference

This guy makes all my favorite chick Bloggers seem like Einstein!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The fun never stops!

This is insane. Must read.

"However, now a question has been raised about ‘’merit’’ and since we do consider ourselves a bit of a merit student, we are forced to wade in.."

Fantasticly modest, isn't it?

Here is our alternate proposal.

Let everyone apply for JEE and CAT as it is done now(1), among all eligible applications; schooling up to 12th for JEE(which raises the interesting question that just because someone has flunked his 12th board exams, is he necessarily worse off then someone who has not?), let us organize a computerized draw and depending upon the number of seats which can raised on a whim as merit is anyways immaterial, we select the successful candidates. Just like it is done in government housing shams schemes.

No, Dear Annie, we are not mocking you. Pray, tell us what is wrong with our system if we acknowledge that merit is a complete hogwash? Also, because of the sheer strength of numbers, it would allow a much larger number of backward/Dalit students to enter the hollowed portals of IIT/IIMs. See, our system has in built fexiblity. For example, some claim that the performance in IIT has more to do with keenness than JEE rank; that is when the papers are actually read.

Ok. We were all living under the illusion that the JEE measures exactly that, the underlying assumption being more keen you are, harder you will study.. Anyways, we propose the following changes in the application delivery process to account for the ‘’keeness’’ factor.

Hand-delivery>Express Delivery> Registered Mail> Ordinary mail

Oh, and before you accuse us of hatching a giant consipiracy against the poor(You swine! You know very well the poor will have no money to afford the courier) let us hasten to add the system can be manipulated any way. Yes, Exactly that! Manipulated!

How about this? Depending upon mode of delivery..

On Foot>Bullock Cart>Two wheeler>Car

Or depending upon day of delivery…


Meant to be cleverly mocking, but reeks of great amount of insensitivity.

Compared to these kind of morons, the women seem far far far better. Who would have thought?

And what is with these morons, who love to refer themselves as 'we'? Exaggerated cuteness?

Monday, April 17, 2006


A lot of women Blogger’s don’t seem to know about Personal’s sites. They ought to know it is the best place to find men.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

It seems to me that the Internet is a place to conform and indulge in the regular scratch your back phenomenon. So I perhaps lack the finesse of people who had fancier education and more privileged background than myself, but surely I can make my point and choose to disagree with people?

How can one explain why a Blog written by one person gets comments from some forty others who will say:

  1. Hey that is my life
  2. Thank you for talking about this

I can’t seem to relate to that Blogger very much. But everyone else agrees with her (and rarely with him)

Without taking names, let me give you a few examples of abysmally elitist writing that is depressing to be reading.

- Like someone takes on reservation of women as a cause. Women reap enough benefits thanks to them being the ‘weaker’ sex. Can we put a stop to this?

- Some random male Blogger talk about how reservations will cause the quality of the higher education institutions to erode! What a bloody upper class argument that is.

I can go on, but they are all much the same.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brahmins of Blogosphere!

It is interesting to see how the Bloggers Bandwagon are quick to jump the bandwagon of people in opposition of reservation in educational institutions. Reeks of upper class elitism.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Are there any male bloggers who talk about their love lives? Or the lack of them? And what proportion would they be of all male Bloggers?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What is it about women from Liberal Arts courses anyway?

Girl geeks are so much more real and easier to understand.